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The internet is where innocence goes to die and you can come too

Performed throughout 2016-17 in Melbourne, Sydney and Wellington (NZ)

An existential comic happening, The internet is where innocence goes to die and you can come too explores surfing the internet as a performative act: an experience both banal and mesmerising, confronting and familiar.


We sit on stage facing the audience, each at a table with our laptops. Both laptops are connected to projectors, which are displayed large-scale, side by side onto the back wall for the audience to see as the performance unfolds.


YouTube, Wikipedia, Reddit and darker corners of the world wide web, nothing is off limits in this internet spiral to hell and back. Audiences are invited to "friend" us on Facebook via their phones, and to participate in a live chat that determines the content and creation of the performance unfolding on the screen before them.

"A chaotic, subversive and hilarious look at ourselves and this strange modern world we live in" - Theatre Review NZ

Winner of the Best Live Art Award and the Tour Ready Award at the Melbourne Fringe Festival, 2016

Winner of the Most Innovative Work Award at the New Zealand Fringe Festival, 2017

Created and performed with Harriet Gillies.

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