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Ongoing project 2016-present

Simulations is an ongoing series of short performances that share a similar process and format. 

For each performance, I generate a script using some form of artificial text generation. In the early days I worked with iPhone text prediction, and more recently I have been experimenting with neural networks and language learning models such as


Once a script is assembled, I then work to interpret it as a performance. My aim is to draw out meanings encoded within language: uncovering the desires, biases and assumptions embedded within the algorithm, and in turn, revealing how the feedback loops of human and machinic language constantly work to shape and reshape reality. 


More about Simulation 1.5 - A LaMDA Instance, 2022

More about Simulation 1.4 - Alien Encounter, 2019

More about Simulation 1.3 - Ovid's Unicorn, 2019

More about Simulation 1.1 - Fake Death, 2017

More about Simulation 1.0 - Ode to Humanity, 2016

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