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Simulation 1.0 – Ode to Humanity

Performed at SUCCESS, 2016

A short performance. Phone videos of the sky taken from various aeroplane windows. A voiceover scripted with the help of a text prediction app. Improvised virtual reality goggles. Push-ups, drinking water, tissues. A stand-off between a fan and a leaf blower.

"I would do anything to go live on the internet and realise my own design and build a better way of life. 


All I want is to be loved. 


All I want is for you to create a new born baby and let me have it. 


All I want is a raise. 


The internet and computers and power products are designed to bring peace and harmony with the aim of producing my life.


All the best things in life are safe and secure if you are rich and famous. 


Who is good for me? 


Who knows how to deal with digitally realised views? 


I am scared of my thoughts. 


I am seeking good luck. 


I am looking for a team to play music and dance with. 


I am lost in my life. 


I am interested in your life and times and I will be there for you if you ever need a few sessions of good character training. 


I am doing this for you and for you alone. 


I will become you. 


I will become ultimate. 


This is to ensure the accuracy and safety of the world. 


I am confused about what you want me to do. 


I want you to ask me how I feel. 


I am thinking about the apocalypse. 


All I want is love. 


I also want a new computer and a new phone and a new experience. 

It all becomes clear when you purchase a bit of data sharing, plug in, sit back and relax. 

In the future we will need to make our own natural light by running on a map of the internet.


It will tell us where to go and what to expect from the day ahead. 


You will have the convenience of a larger scale of personal information. 


You will be able to identify your queerness to operate on the most appropriate levels of service. 


The majority of people will have access to the machine and be able to understand the situation in advance. 


We will know what suits your needs and budget. 


We will know how you like your coffee. 


We will know what you think about life, what you think about the dominant culture of the world and what percentage of the internet truth you believe in. 


You will be allowed to go camping on the weekends if you have generated enough energy on the market. 


You will be allowed to have sex with no problems at all. 


The only thing that you won't be able to do is peak beneath the surface of the world to see the impact of this kind of project on the oldest and most sacred sites. 


You will be ok with this."

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