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Simulation 1.1 – Fake Death

Performed for Desire Lines, 2017

A short performance involving a picnic chair, cooler box, bottle of sparkling water, a leaf blower, anti-pollution mask, a gas burner and a video of giant slugs being captured and eaten on a cooking show. Script written on my phone with the assistance of an automated text prediction program. 


"Sit on picnic chair in different positions. Get comfortable. Drink some sparkling water from a cup. 


It’s good to make portable decisions. To be modular. To discharge cycles that we had previously put together in an attempt to get to know how it all works. What is possible with a virtual reality perspective? What happens to objects and the physics of the world? What happens to your skin and hair and beauty regime? Can you just pretend to be beautiful? Does nature become less likely to hurt you? What happens if you fake your own death? What happens if you fake tan your body and put the fans on to simulate a cool breeze? What do we tell the children? 


Pull ipad out of eskie – video of me drinking from a bottle of sparkling water. Hold the ipad on lap facing out. 


It’s almost exactly how it used to be. You can hardly tell the difference. In fact it could even be better. Do you remember the name of the person who made you? It doesn’t matter. The important thing is that the final payment is made from the bank account with the best privacy settings. 


Get up and do exercises."

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