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Interventions in Live Chat

Exhibited at MOANA, 2016

I conducted a series of live chat conversations with customer service representatives and web maintenance operators from global online companies. Lightly disrupting the scripted chatbox interaction, I asked each customer service representative a series of conceptual questions about performance art. I then bought an item from their website and performed an action with it according to their conceptual advice.

The exhibition comprised three parts: photos of the performed actions, video re-enactments of the chat transcripts, and the items purchased.

"The transparency of Helper’s process situates artistic production within a system of consumption. The work alludes to certain truths that a gallery context usually obscures — the artist’s behavior is framed and shaped by market forces; the art object is invariably the result of a set of relations with auxiliary workers and service providers."

You can read the full catalogue essay by Tom Smith, here.

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