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Evasion Scores

Presented at Future of Memory Festival, China Residencies, 2022

Presented at Liveworks for Kyoto Experiment & Performance Space, 2021

Presented at Unsound Festival with Liquid Architecture, 2021

Exhibited as part of Soft Power, Firstdraft, 2021

EVASION SCORES is an ongoing project that investigates relationships between the voice, technological surveillance, and the politicisation and militarisation of words and phrases in everyday speech. This project is an ongoing response to the rapidly increasing prevalence of domestic surveillance devices that capture and commodify vocal data. 


Each Evasion Score comprises a graphic score and video demonstration to propose ways of using the voice to evade detection from domestic smart speakers and other machines that listen. Various extended vocal techniques are used to prevent speakers from 'listening' to and understanding speech. The idea is that these vocal techniques can be incorporated into everyday speech; adapted, built upon and used iteratively in human-human interaction.

More about Evasion Score I: Utan

More about Evasion Score II: Domestic Security

More about Evasion Score III: CallHOME

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