Evasion Score II

(Domestic Security)

Presented at Liveworks for Performance Space, 2021

EVASION SCORE is an ongoing project that investigates relationships between the voice, technological surveillance, and the politicisation and militarisation of words and phrases in everyday speech. The project is iterative, additive and open-source. It can be used in a variety of ways and in   contexts and situations.

In 2012, DHS was required under FOI, to release a document called The Analyst Desktop Binder 2011.


The Binder details the Department's social media surveillance program from that time, and outlines the Department’s processes for monitoring online and social media activity.


Notably, the document includes a list of key words and phrases used to trigger signs of terrorist or other threats against the U.S..


331 words are listed in the document. I have used these words as a data set to construct a series of vocal scores, including EVASION SCORE (DOMESTIC SECURITY). To construct the score, I have recontextualised the keywords into familiar situations encountered in everyday speech.


I have developed a register of vocal techniques that can be applied to the keywords used within the score, in an effort to render them intelligible to machines that listen.


I have tested EVASION SCORE (DOMESTIC SECURITY) on REDUCT, a video transcription platform that uses neural network technologies to decode and classify spoken words.