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36,000 Words Under A Gemini Moon

Exhibited as part of 'After Technology' at UTS Gallery, 2019

Exhibited as part of 'RE–' at Somos (Berlin), 2022

A video work in which I invited Keren, a woman I met on Tinder and dated for a while, to recite the text message script of our relationship to each other, in front of the camera.


Filmed over two hours and traversing the 36,000 words we exchanged whilst dating, the work explores language, technology and emotional sensation. What is the difference between sending an emotional text message, and expressing that emotional message in-person? What does texting allow us to communicate that would be too hard IRL, and simultaneously, what is lost in the transfer of a message from one phone to another? It was a funny, awkward, cathartic, sad and beautiful experience.


With thanks to Keren Leizerovitz, Peter Fitzgibbon, Steven Lattuca and Stephanie King.

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